Dear chloe

Be a smart guy,
Thats what what my latest piece of spam is telling me to do. Where being a smart guy= buying your meds online. I did actually open it up, but that part was visible on the gmail preview (So handy). So here is the problem
I already feel that google is going to slowly rule us all; the Big Brother of the future. Just ask me about it sometime if you feel like being assaulted with 20 minutes of barely coherent ramblings . Sure their customized ads generally aren't that big of a deal , amusing even. For now.OR ARE THEY????
But here's what gets me about that latest junk mail- less than a week ago a friend and I were chatting on gmail (yes they have that too! fuck they're good) about purchasing generic viagra online. Now I know in terms of spam and lame internet advertising a online meds are almost as ubiquitous as penile enhancement creams, but not quite. I rarely get any spam in gmail though(oh why must you be so good gmail) and when I do, I've never noticed one about online meds, plus they often have signs of using some of my information history. Gmail has even had sponsored links/ads that were clearly based on keywords I searched online, and never mentioned in gmail (Their wonderful search feature confirmed that. oh god I love you gmail). One I remember specifically was a link for 'How to stop dog corpophgia. now thats embarassing.
I know google doesn't want me to have spam in my inbox, but I'm still wary.
I'd stop using them yesterday if gmail weren't so damn gooood.
oh god, isn't blogger affiliated with gmail?! Is there no escape? how am I to discuss the plans for the revolution once gmail takes over? Certainly not... offline???


  1. rizabeff said...

    omg this happened with me and googling "hot pepper varieties" and the next day I had several things, including sidebar ads and the thing at the top all about peppers and spicy food

    since google and blogger work together, maybe google is reading your blog?

    and yes, google will be taking over the world and renaming it g-earth.  


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