playing with the layout. I should learn HTML, if not simply for future job credentials. haha. yeah, thats why I'm not working on my paper- I'm busy planning my future.

Turns out my roommate feels strongly that Voldemort should have been played by David Bowie
le pic

From the Collection "Ursine" by Jill Greenberg. Love her stuff. more is here


I just wiped at my nose with my jalepeno tainted finger. Then i washed my hands and stuck my fingers up my nose in a very misguided attempt to make it better. Usually my problem comes from sticking my hand down my pants. At this point, im not sure what is worse. This fucking sucks.

Guy 1:"I was getting laid last night I thought that I need more authority in my life, so I thought of the Dalai Lama"
Guy 2:"The Dalai Lama is not authoritative- he believes in peace."

So maybe I should have gone to Ween. nonono. No need to regret, rue, lament. The weekend was decent. Good.
I got hit on by well meaning, but socially skewed grad students- luckily the pressure of that lessened when prettier girls showed up on saturday aft.
It was rainy most of saturday, so minimal hiking, but at least I finally got a chance to do some 'recreational reading'.
Me and Mary Jane(ohmygod I love using that) were a bit of an anomaly for about two thirds of the people there, which frankly always takes me off guard. At one point someone came up to me and said "hey, there is a group of people smoking outside, I thought I should tell you since I know you are into that." Shit man. how did I get to be that girl?
Then there are the ones who bring up the pot stories they have to prove that they are 'down'. except this guys story starts with him eating cookies and ends with him going to the hospital and having to take charcoal. Here is a tip- no matter how much you are freaking out, how fast your heart is beating... this too shall pass. you wont OD on special cookies.


I'm going into into the forest for the weekend. I can't wait. I am even giving up seeing Ween for this weekend. Ween- my favorite band. Fuck, the show better suck- it is at the Docks (lamest venue EVER) so it already has that going against it.

Easy Love by MSTRKRFT
it makes me want to shake it down St. George St. (I love the symmetry of that name) . Leg lifts. Lip pouts. and of course my signature arm fans (what are they called anyway) Everyone will join in too.
So Im sitting on campus. My friend just walked up to me all nervous like, shifty eyes and all- and whispers in my ear: The girl sitting behind you is an undercover cop. I sort of laughed, but he was all serious about it. I talked to him for a minute, and he was all shifty and nervous. He insisted it was true. what is going on.
Today I am getting 65$ for talking to some people about my cell phone provider for 2 hours

Little Red Riding Hood
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lookatthisdog, originally uploaded by sugarfreak.

This makes me think of E.
And it makes me laugh.
Happy Birthday dearest Sarin.

So when I got to the library, found that the pen in my pants pocket had leaked- luckily I am wearing old black pants. My cell phone is black, so it only received a purpley sheen on one of the corners. Ink all over my keys isn't an issue i guess (yeah, alot of stuff in my pockets). Somehow the 2 for 1 pizza coupon made it out unharmed. Ink all over my touchpad finger slightly impeded my computing. boo hoo
Anyway- just went to the washroom an hour later to find goddamned black ink all over my leg.
What really gets me is that this is the 4th (fourth!!!!) leaky pen from the same box! Fucking Staples Brand. This is the final straw- they are getting a stern letter.
I bought the box of pens in the first place because I was tired of the mad pen search through every drawer, purse and bag everytime I wanted to play one of my drawing games with a group of people. They all have to be black pens- hate blue pens - and they all have to be ball point OR all nib. All pencil will do in a real pinch. In addition to guaranteeing a uniform Exquisite Corpse, it also saved me from everyone getting all weirded out at how important the uniform pens are to me.
Havent played since school started back up anyway.
The main point here is- Staples is going to hear from me, and they better take my complaint seriously. Im feeling sassy- I going to warn them that if they dont, I will tell my friends, family and associates to avoid ALL staples stores and products. They'll be shaking in their boots when they hear that. oh yeah.

Oh I miss my turtle Hector. I do get to see glimpes of him. He has a new larger tank, to go with his growing self. His nails are so long, he is definitely a boy. S takes very good care of him.
The turtle in the picture was digging a hole- probably to lay her eggs in. It was in the park in Vic. Turtles in the park! I wonder if they are abandoned pets? or several generations removed abandoned? They must hibernate.
My roommate got a kitten. It is cute, duh. But it made me decide once and for all that I am more of a dog person. the fucking thing jumps up and hangs onto my leg. I have red little claw wounds all over my thighs. I like it during those brief moments it is all tuckered out and can barely keep its eyes open.
It is 24degrees celsius out, not a cloud in the sky. End of October. I wrote this before- but Im writing it again cause I mean it:
dear Toronto weather: If you could just go ahead and stay this pleasant I will promise to spread the word on your benevolence and generosity. I wont even mention the whole GW thing. I will know it wasn't the work of fossil fuels, but the result of your caring and listening to me.

Red Hot

Ohmygod- There really are so many chicken bones strewn about the streets of Toronto. E first pointed it out- mitzie always manages to find them. Who are all these people eating drumsticks, thighs, whatever, and then throwing the gnawed-on bones onto the sidewalk?! Seriously. What is with the chicken bones in the streets
The Uni is doing what I can only assume to be a pathetic attempt at homecoming. There are two big rented trucks driving through the streets of campus- one with a marching band on it and one with painted face student council members. One of them directed his loudspeaker at me and either said "New College!" or "We Suck!"... I couldn't hear him very clearly. Now I hear the loudspeakers pumping 'Oh Canada' on the field where the stadium never got built. Go Blues (thats right, our mascot is a colour)
I'm in the library that belongs to all the old money in Toronto. Across the table from me sits a future investment banker/hedge funds specialist, his Financial Times to his right (keeping it politically aligned) and his powerbook to his left. Pink Polo shirt, tousled hair. I don't even know what his dad looks like, but dude looks like his dad, I know it. I'd love to hear his take on me. I bet the word granola would be used.

Middle aged women in lowish powered jobs they don't like (or maybe it is their life they don't like)
Thats the phenomenon- These women who are bitter. From my perspective, particularly bitter toward younger folk. Defensive. They assert what little power their job affords them in a fucking bitchy way. Especially if you work with them.
She loves to remind you that you are doing something the wrong way. You aren't following procedure.
She adopts this authoritative structure as her own, as if she ever had an say in it.
She's the reason I never got to take home the mis-prepared blizzards. Instead they got thrown out.
She lives for procedure- practicality is not the way we do things- it gives power to you, undermines her importance.
She wont turn down the library air conditioner. We don't know what temperature is needed-we don't understand the complicated process of library temperature management.
Ok yeah- that is happening now. She even managed to talk about controlling the humidity for the preservation of books. (not to mention that we are in a separate, bookless room).
Then- You shouldn't even be here anyways with that cup of coffee.
My buddy had to throw it out.
Say what?
And they are always women. Not always middle aged.
I always feel better than them anyway, cause they are fucking curmudgeons! hah, what a word

I nabbed a bottle of diet Pepsi from a room on campus that clearly had just been the site of a meeting of some sort. Wont be buying one of those anytime soon. blech. Cant promise I wont take a free one again though- god I am sucker for free things. In fact, passing up free samples and free appys at various events because they have meat in them is one of my biggest hardships in being vegetarian. The 'various events' are the many receptions, lunches, talks etc I scour around campus specifically for the free food and -if I am really lucky- wine. I joined a facebook group that is supposed to give a heads up about events like this, but it is almost never updated. I figured out other day that most people are probably thinking the same thing- I am not sharing this info with 30 other moochers, it'll totally spoil my scene. Or maybe thats just selfish me.


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