Dude (who is hilarious by the way) was talking about Weird Al being underrated. Now I am.
Looking back, he was probably the number 1 inspiration for for my short lived music group ‘The Metamucil Mothers’. Just like Weird Al, I changed the song lyrics into humourous little ditties- only mine were all ‘toilet’ themed. Me and a friend would sing them to a captive audience of family and friends. Haha, nope no friends. Pets maybe. I remember doing a song by Jewel and a few by The Presidents of the United States of America. OH! I totally did Peaches!

This live version is a little lame, thanks to the record label removing the album version from youtube. as if that'll encourage me to go out and buy the album in its entirety. again.
oh apparently they only did that to the big hit. oh man I loved this band. I think I might've been talking about weird al, but I've moved on

OH! Weird Al DID a cover of Lump! full circle!


Journalist: In a lot of your songs you are hard on people—in "Like a Rolling Stone" you're hard on the girl and in "Positively 4th Street" you're hard on a friend.
Do you do this because you want to change their lives, or do you want to point out to them the error of their ways?

Bob Dylan
: I want to needle them.

back when...

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via veer. but I lost the post

I think when Oprah dies it’s going to be a big fucking deal. And not just in the obvious, media frenzy way. For those of us currently in or around their 20s, it’ll be the death of an icon that has hovered in the collective pop-culture conscious for almost our entire lives. It hardly matters if you’ve never actually sat through an episode of her show- you know about her favorite things; you know about her weight gain; you know her reading a book is pretty much a Golden Ticket in the publishing industry- unless you wrong her. then watch yourself.
It’s not just Oprah though. Michael Jackson is going to die. The Simpsons will be canceled (God willing. Hopefully they have some sort of Do Not Resuscitate or ‘pulling the plug' clause, because it’s just going to be too painful and humiliating to force it to limp along in the decrepit shell of it’s former self. Actually I averted my eyes several years ago.) Madonna is going to die. Bill Gates is going to die. Holy shit: Gene and Dean Ween are going to die.


looking at this is like when your hair grows out and you dont even realize how different it is until you see a picture of yourself from 6 months ago, and you think "holy shit, time has passed"

I jammed one of my knuckles.

while testing said risotto,
I dislocated my jaw.
I thought I was being clever by cooking a meal where chewing is optional.
meanwhile, look who is still being awesome:

In these tough economic times, it's good to see that he opted for a beaded bracelet instead of a second gold watch. As for his sidekick, I'm trying to figure out if that is coke bloat or baby fat.
footnote: I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to the nanny named Fran for that timeless segue*

yesterday went something like this:
yeah, I wear tye-dye. wanna fight about it?
too bad B picked the worst valentines cookie to show off. We weren't trying to empower ourselves or anything.
I often wonder what my alternate form would be. Turns out it's Lee & Perrins. well how about that.


goddammit. freshly showered, freshly laundered and splatter goes the jug of maple syrup. it was a slow motion fall too. enough time to wrap my brain around the consequences before they even happen.

went to vanc for the weekend. it involved:
-shmooze meeting
-hanging with D
-fabulous music
-dance dance dancing
-a hot water bottle placed at the foot of my bed (!)
-high walks with Amy, E and litte mitzie (who is getting so grown up I can't even believe it)
-65th birthday dinner. gifts included a plaster wind in the willows badger and chocolate covered ginger. what else eh?
oh, and for everyone on the west coast: BC ferries now offers yam fries!! they get two thumbs up, way up.


and you will know me by the trail of pistachio shells.
but WHAT about this:
can an entity contain itself? can water contain water? is it a category mistake? an illogical statement? or just redundant? I need to speak to a logician

This is Buddy Holly. I love him, and often wonder what the fate of modern music would be if he had lived longer.

jesus, was there a single non-lame person pre-1990 that didn't smoke?

more days

The sign outside the rec centre I pump iron at:
my dreamy gym mate, head:
I see this everyday:
what is a video school of ministry? I do not know.


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