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funnee. if you don't have the attention span to watch it all the way through- 1:20 is a highlight

thank you for being a frie-end

So I've been at a training workshop all weekend. sans internet (horror!). Saturday I got a wonderful phone message that consisted of Eliz singing along to the Golden Girls theme song (Im a big fan). It is only this morning that I find out that Bea Arthur died on saturday. RIP. The picture is a sketch I did a few weeks ago when I was thinking of doing a series of paintings based on the GG opening credits. It never panned out. I didn't finish Estelle Getty either- the pressure was just too great.


via paper beats internet. very neat site

I'll get back into the swing of it
From AIDS-3D


Today is dear E's birthday. this picture is from the summer of 2005. it sums things up nicely.
in keeping with a theme, a recent g-chat excerpt re: her birthday weekend
the best I can do
is drink until I pass out
and hope I dont cry too much in public
thats sort of a metapor for life really.

vintage clothes shopping in kensington with A


-I was hanging out with a 15 year old, in the course of relating to him through youtube video swapping I showed him the Daft Hands video (Harder, Better Faster Stronger song). He didn't know Daft Punk and then he said, oh is a remix of that kanye west song? ..!!.. first I was shocked, and then once again I felt old, like this must be what boomer dads feel like when their twinky niece corrects them- 'its Cherry Garcia, Uncle Gary, CHERRY Garcia"
-The other day I took one sip of my coffee and instantly puked. This is unusual. I am not a puker.
-I found a portal to another universe in which everything that I say becomes truth. I determine the parameters of reality and existence. I finally got rid of that unreachable scratch at the centre of my back.


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