dear beer diary,

Brand: Pilsner Urquell. "The Original Golden Pilsner Beer"
Type: Pilsner. From the Czech Republic. Thats a bit of a strike against it right away. Ever since the Czech Republic refused me entry and left me stranded at a border crossing in Slovakia, I've held a bit of a grudge. I hear the architecture is fantastic; I wouldn't know.
Taste: Real nice. Light but flavourful. Actually I forgot how much I like this beer. It should be decent though considering that Pilsner Urquell was pretty much the original commercial Pilsner/Pilsener (apparently it can be both). One point back to the Czech Republic for inventing Pilsner! And one point to wikipedia for telling me the history and spelling alternatives!
Occasions: I bet a tallboy or 3 of Pilsner Urquell WOULD have been perfect during the 7 hour roadside wait for what I assumed was a daily bus back to any kind of city in Slovakia.
Best Paired with: This would definitely be good with some chips and salsa. Anything with Jalapenos probably.
Notes: The can is a really nice matte gold and the logo outline is stamped onto the can (sticking out thing? dont know what that's called). Good looking cans are important to me and this one is nice. Point for living up to its claim of being the 'original golden pilsner', unlike Asahi's outrageous claim of being a 'Beer for All Seasons'- I'm still not over that. If I'm going to continue enjoying the Pilsner legacy, I think I'm going to have to let go of my Czech Republic grudge. From now on, when I walk past the discarded 'CZ' wristbands from Comfort Zone, I won't think about E's scuzzy roommate in 1st year and I won't think about the trip to the Czech Republic that never was. Instead I will think of a nice frosty swig of Pilsner and the many ways in which it has enriched my life. I'll probably still think of E's scuzzy roommate though.


  1. rizabeff said...

    but really, isn't thinking about M the easiest way to force yourself into a shower?  

  2. Katja said...

    Sticking-out can stamp = embossing.


  3. Chlo said...

    Oh man, I even wrote that and deleted it! so stupid. STOOPID.
    ps. you still read this! well yay!  

  4. raymi lauren said...

    whats the opposite of embossed if it's sticking out? or is it the same either way like aloha is hello AND goodbye?  


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