yaba daba doo

Once, when I was 16ish (so highly embarrassable), this right wing political group was campaigning in the parking lot of the supermarket my dad and I were driving out of. It was possibly for Stockwell Day's leadership of the Canadian Alliance Party. Stockwell Day is a Pentecostal btw; these supporters might have been from the Pentecostal church. One of them came up the to the passenger window of our VW (yep), and asked if we would be supporting them. In an uncharacteristic aggressiveness, my dad leaned across to this guy and said 'ha, but he believes the world is 6000 years old! Humans and dinosaurs would have existed at the same time! That means he believes the Flintstones were real! really! haha, I don't think so".
and on. oh I wanted to melt into the seat. I politely declined the free balloon.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    dude ten stars for dad! really! for seers!  


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