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I went to a lovely birthday picnic for my younger much cooler cousin. buncha folks on the cusp of 20. One asked where I worked. I told them (it's a city/government-esque job btw). Then they passed a joint around and I had a puff even though I had taken care of that earlier and the sun & champagne was getting to me. The token punk kid said 'woah I can see the headlines now, "city employee caught getting high in park". It got a laugh. I thought: "I will never be 19 again"

the day before H & B and I visited their friends who are farm sitting an herb farm. I feel this picture does a decent job of capturing my impossible cool

in time

yesterday I said "I'm having a brain fart".
I still haven't forgiven myself

on the clock

so how is that garbage strike going for all y'all?
I missed the strike in 2002. I missed the blackout in 2003. I miss everything good.
sounds like everyone just needs to chill

I wasn't going to access my blog from work but I gave up on that.

speaking of toronto, here is a little gem I've been meaning to post- Toronto Parks and Rec Fun Guide. before and after. ahaha. jackasses

natioal post link

ahaha, my co-workers are stuck in the elevator! stairs are for winners

i've come to realize

I'm into pictures of people wearing masks. (above from him)

and costumes

of various sorts (above from her)

I'm not sure what that's about.
just a cigar I guess

Hickoryglen Estates

amazing drawings by Ross Racine
better seen bigger.
I'd love to have one of his pieces in my life

hey look!

Japanese people!

doing weird stuff!
most extreme!

pretty suburb design idea for paris:
from this nyt article
Sarkozy got some design teams together to come up with some eco-smartgrowth-buzzword-sustainable plans for Paris.
what I liked though (ie 'only in paris') is that one of the planning teams included a sociologist and philosopher. yes! there is a market for urban planning philosophers(only in paris?)!

YEAH, bird

gettin 'er done

The bathroom has a passcode (she says). To keep out the homeless (she doesn’t say). (she says) Diane taught me to remember it by saying I’m 48 but I wish I was 30.

more E time

E sent me this (from):

we fawned. then:
E: N doesnt really care for them. I think we're decidedly terrier people, however if it was just me I would absolutely go to a wiener dog rescue and give them names like Posieden and Hercularium.
me: haha, in the bizarro universe where we are a lesbian couple, we have two rescue wiener dogs we dote over. I don't like to choose favorites, but Odysseus is my baby
E: really, odyssues sometimes is a little too possessive of his manhood for me. I like Doe better (short for Doethenium)

mmm dats nice

Transparency: Burning Fuel, originally uploaded by GOOD Magazine.

GOOD Magazine is a good magazine and they have great infographics. and now they have them all in one place to ogle! there is a lot of variety in the material and the presentation, but they definitely maintain a unique style. nyt infographics, look out!
ps I think infographics are only going to get more and more ubiquitous as time goes on. maybe I said that before. I'll say it again too


Village Voice: But your music has a lot in common with Dick Dale, and you've cited the Beach Boys as an influence. How big of an influence is surf rock?

Wavves: Musically, ...the Beach Boys... I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. I'm really high right now.

link. via stereogum


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