Free Fart Videos - - 10 Farts That Shook The World Captured On Video!
Considering those feeds are largely customized based on what I have written, I'm surprised I haven't seen more of these.
The site is lame, and you have to download the videos?! I prefer mine live anyway.
Not sure if it's something to be proud of, but this site immediately made me think of my dad.


  1. rizabeff said...

    mine is "canadian immigration lawyer:"

    for a while N's was something about "find your bride online"

    he thought it was funny enough to email it to me, which I guess it was  

  2. Heather said...

    Your Dad was a fart-er and he was always proud of them. My favorite memory of your Dad has him farting.
    So be proud of it.

    I was thinking of you in the shower today. i felt like hanging out with you. well, not in the shower but you get it.  

  3. Chlo said...

    Yeah you're right Hed. Proud I'll be. Him: "I may be a smart feller, but most of all, I am a fart smeller."
    I'm sure I've heard it 10000000 times before, but sometime I'd like to hear what that memory is.
    Yesterday in the shower I thought about you too! I was thinking about tuesdays playing Zoo Tycoon "This exhibit is well suited to Gary"  


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