Oh man, I was just sitting in the hallway outside the library, reading Dan Savage, eating a cheese sandwich and the whole time this guy was freaking out. first it is important to note that this hallway is a sort of indoor walkway added to the outside of the building years after it was built; the acoustics make it so that any talking travels the entire hall. Dude was with a girl and really freaking. At first I didn't realize he was speaking english and the girl was barely saying anything; I assumed he was pissed at her. Turns out he was yelling in english, but his anguish made him barely intelligible. I mean really going off. I get upset, in despair whatever sometimes, but that isn't how I express it, so I always find these displays to be quite bizarre. nobody respects him at work. he is a failure at life. those are two sentences I managed to decipher
I'll bet a double G&S and my last joint that his average is higher than mine.


  1. rizabeff said...

    I'll bet a double g&s and my last joint that his average is double mine  


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