like roses

how's this for a social experiment (oh for a female to do): go to a bar/club/party/anywhere where young drunk people congregate, wearing a shirt that says something like "EVERYONE LIKES THEIR OWN BRAND" on one side and maybe "FARTSTRONG" or "HUMAN SEWER" on the other side. Then act really sexually aggressive, flirty. Hilarious results? disastrous? typical?
possible variation: if the object of said flirtation asks about the t-shirt or acts uncomfortable, tell him that you ruined your shirt earlier that night, and this tshirt is just a loan from a friend- and actually 'toilet' humour revolts and embarrasses you, so please don't mention it again. That could be funny if you bring it up, as dude would definitely be a little weirded out and likely pretty uncomfortable. If they were the one to bring up the tshirt- they'll probably feel sort of terrible. Either way it will remain a huge white elephant.
I think a really hot girl would be best suited to do this. yes.



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