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A thunderstorm is a brewin'. YES


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In the US, you have a woman who was fused to a toilet seat after sitting there for 2 years. In Japan you have this woman.

this is real

I feel like someone buying this for their dad would probably be like when Homer bought the bowling ball for Marge- really a present for yourself. But watch out, like Marge falling in love with the french bowler (oh hilarious, was his name francois?), your dad may start wearing it to spite you but end up falling in with a fun loving upper middle class family going through life's trials and tribulations together. They'll turn to him for goofy witticisms that nonetheless hold great insight. Finally feeling like a true patriarch, your dad will eat it up and somewhere along the line you'll lose the dad you once knew. Beware the Cosby sweater as a selfishly motivated Father's Day present!

Yesterday was great, I helped A make a painting for her living room. We got a big long canvas, and I was giving all this advice on paints and techniques until it occurred to me that if it went wrong it would be ALL MY FAULT. But even after splitting a sixer of Corona and le ganj, I think it turned out pretty well.
Oh and we saw part of What Not To Wear, and everything the girl owned, A or I or both would have gladly worn. WNTW: making the world look like a GAP ad one (former) individual at a time.

have the ability to fly
have the ability to Google search your brain (without google tracking your searches)

here are a few things I regularly worry about that I feel might genuinely not be solvable (in no rank-order):
-the decline of coral reefs
-my personal success
-long term happiness
-peak oil
-future transportation demands
-getting uglier as I age (lame right?)
-bananas going extinct!
-my tits sagging down to elbow level (I saw this yesterday, she wasnt even that old or large breasted.)
-insane house prices on the west coast
-Me never being able to get over Toronto's weather

I guess it is pretty lame to put ads on here, but what the hey. just remember- buying disposable water bottles is for fools. Not just for the whole Bisphenol A hubabub, but also it's a waste and the water is of equal or lesser quality to the stuff from the tap. moving on. more dance moves for me to practice.

Legalizing same sex marriages- and not simply civil unions- is something I feel strongly about. I've probably watched Ellen for a grand total of ten minutes , but in this clip I think she does an absolutely spectacular job of discussing it with John McCain. I'm pretty sure middle America loves her, so if this can get more people to empathize with her and thus support the right to marriage between any combination of genders, then I say alright!
Thats right, everyone can unhold their breath! Chloe supports Ellen and will continue to let it air!

a whole bunch of photoshop disasters. reminds me of the the end page in Consumers Reports where people send in instances of companies caught in the art of deception. My favorite was Campbells Chicken Noodle soup with extra noodles- it was more expensive, but turns out the only difference between it and the original was the instructions called for less water. Seriously, look at the cooking instructions for most extra creamy, rich etc ready make things- they almost always involve adding more butter or less water. scam-o

yes he does

Maybe 11 years ago there was some news story about Boy George narrowly escaping death by a falling disco ball. since then I've flip flopped between being really scared of dying that way, and thinking that would be a pretty cool way to go.


"We're not all tree hugging hippies you know". yeah, some of you are bandwagon jumping little twats who say shit like 'eco-friendly is the new adopting foreign babies'

Went to Pacific Mall for the first time. Friend summed it up perfectly: Chinatown in a box. oh, but minus that horrible fishy-death smell, hooray. It's out in the 905s... where, I'm not sure, things get pretty fuzzy for me once highways are involved. I live steps from 'real' Chinatown, but this was fun. Pirated DVD stores a-plenty, better selection than the guys selling them on a blanket on the sidewalk. The only thing I bought was delicious bubble tea and a terrible Sweet & Sour noodle dish that made me really really sleepy.
It was embarrassing when I approached some lady in a uniform who I thought was offering free samples of walnut cakes (Korean potato stuffed donut type things. delish).. I asked where I could buy the walnut cakes, started to reach for one before I saw her look of horror and luckily stopped before things got too too humiliating. I got a good look at the container and it turns out she was holding her lunch of mystery meatballs. oh god.
Never did get the walnut cakes. I live 15 minutes from Little Korea, home to the best walnut cake shop in town, so there.
oh! I also bought a box of 'Winter Pocky'. If you only ever buy one kind of premium Pocky, make it Winter Pocky!

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so bud prices are pretty much the same as they were at least 7 years ago. When and how are they going to change to reflect inflation? It'll have to be a jump, because there is never going to be a 10.75$ dime bag. well I guess it wouldn't be a dime bag then. Oh man the people are really going to whine when this happens. I predict more loss to the industry

well Feck

KT will be calling in a few minutes to meet up and head to le bar. I just went downstairs to move something to the fridge. In doing so I completely absentmindedly cracked open a tallboy in front of the open fridge. I had been thinking about it while sitting in the windowless computer lab all day, and I guess it just happened. hello Gladwell. dammit. Now I have to chug this tallboy on an empty stomach in the few minutes before she calls, and give off signals of a drinking problem as I explain why I already smell like beer.
oh and simply pouring the beer down the drain is SO not an option, why would you even think that.
ps. I already feel it. but isn't a buzz on an empty stomach just divine. Better when you are waiting on an order of nachos

If you see a girl walking down the street and she is biting her lip with a look of concentration, she might be thinking about sex; but she also might be struggling to hold in a fart

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Things about This is Spinal Tap:
-after the movie, some speaker manufacturers actually started putting 11 on their speaker knobs.
-I heart Christopher Guest and all his movies
-Harry Shearer plays one of the members of Spinal tap. He also does Simpsons voices, so try and watch this without hearing Mr. Burns, Rev. Lovejoy, Skinner, Ned Flanders etc.
-The movie FUBAR is also awesome.

and so it was

I've probably mentioned it before, but I'm just so pleased at the proliferation of the word zeitgeist in mainstream English vocabulary. It seems silly that there was never an appropriate English equivalent, but then again the German word is only a little over 200 years old. I think Google is responsible for its relatively newfound popularity and once again, that scares me. Also, spell check just corrected me by capitalizing Google... like God...!
Related: I predict that words expressing connections and complex structures are going become increasingly important and developed.
this is cbt, signing off.

such a weiner

So apparently while I was gone, it turned to full on spring in Toronto! right on. these days when I leave it is kensington I miss the most. I have about one more day of not being busy so I better make the most of it. puttering time!

déjà poo

Oh Cousin Mischa gave me this book (not sure if you read this misch. oh hi there if you do). Very thoughtful- and actually the second person to have done so! Amy, the friend Eliz is slowly stealing, was the other one. I suppose I'm predictable, but also I have good friends! it is a great book: hilarious AND informative.

le vic

Vic is going lovely. Enjoying spending time with heather and co. Fun rooftop sexy superhero photoshoot with katja on monday- oh hi hello.
So my yesterday my mom and I went to one of the million big box stores in what is becoming a cultural wasteland in the outskirts of Victoria. Cheap clothes though. My mom has sensitive skin and smelling-abilities; she complained about the clothes smelling like they were off-gassing and on the way home she actually developed a rash on her arms! gross!
oh GTA4 is awesome, and I want to own it. But that would also require owning a tv and a playstation. Friends who own it, be prepared to see more of me.
I am sick of course, but after exams, taken care of by the mother seems like the perfect time -if there was one- to be sick.
oh and I learned that heather's phone number makes the melody of 'Old McDonald had a farm'. neat.


should be a week of fun out on the west coast!
hopefully the sun will decide to join at some point.


ugh nyahnsn[stryi.
last exam (not ever, sadly) at 9 this morning, running on 3 hours sleep and not a lot the nights before. Finished 15 minutes early, walked out and sat in the sun across the street and listened to this (give it a chance).

Smoked a much deserved joint, waited for my friend to finish and listened to this. sun soaked and high by 11:11am. lovely.

We ended up stuffing ourselves with beer and food at sneeky dees. Yum. actually don't bother with the guac and cheese omelette. Suddenly it was 4pm and we were sorta drunk, talking too loudly and crudely. I heard about this thing going on around the corner from my place- a garage sale held by the cobrasnake?!? (sort of epicentre and early player in the sceney hipster world). I was just drunk enough to suggest we go watch the people and make fools of ourselves... but when we got to the place we saw the most obnoxious ridiculous hipster uniforms standing around outside, being seen and it was all too much... had a good long belly laugh and kept on walking. we both needed to pee for the millionth time anyway.
Came home fell asleep and now I feel like shitey shite mcshiterson
oh. god. turns out it is hosted/associated/circle jerked by the band I am supposed to see tonight. I don't think this is going to happen. I think I might just watch a few episodes of The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and fall asleep in a pile of my own superiority.
I think I need to work on limiting the amount of parentheses I use.


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