NO! the heat is officially on for the first time since the spring. sigh

so these days I find myself around a lot of old portuguese men. as a result, I have decided to start learning some of the basics in portuguese. it really is the perfect language for me- a mash up of spanish and french, which is pretty much what I end up doing when attempting the local language in both mexico and quebec.
anyway I want to practice the accent. I went to youtube and found some video collection with titles like "365 common Portuguese words and phrases'. Many are pleasant little gems like 'the sun is up for everyone (O sol nasceu pra todos), and 'every love is the first one' (todo amor e o primeiro amor. Some err to the more practical day-to-day dealings, such as 'did you lend any money to my brother?' 'her mother was present in most of the meetings' and 'why does she get up so early on the weekends?' 'are you twins?'


Hi, I'm looking for something that adds an inch of bulk to my torso and could be confused for a snot rag when it's not being worn. it'd be especially great if it has noise dampening qualities and looks like it has been soaked in vitamin B urine.

1. what percentage of would-be pilots blast Tom Petty's Learning to Fly at some point during their training?
2. Do toilet paper companies get affected by the recession? people probably don't use fewer squares but maybe manufacturers scale back on 3-ply production, and focus in on 2-ply.
oh one more thing: do I have the correct syntax in that first sentence?

just now
While vigorously dancing I had a near miss knocking over the lamp but I coolly recovered. Then I smashed a vase.
woah there

oh my youth

So Head's visit was fabu, of course. After lots of people time, I decided to spend some quality alone time. Went to Bloor Cinema (cheap 2nd run theatre).. they were showing some movie called Bottle Shock about a Napa Valley wine winning a blind taste test in France and shocking the world. guess it is based on a real event, not sure. I was one of about 20 people in the theatre and the only one below retirement age. the movie was so sappy and terrible and clearly made for people who want to feel nostalgic about their romantic youth in the 70's. It got me all depressed and worried that when I'm in my 60's I'll be happily watching movies that spoon feed me stories about the good old days of the '00's. mmhmn that's how it was, I'll think while loudly sucking at my big box of milk duds, things were good then.
I walked out after 40 minutes, just after the zero ambition son drove off to san fran to make something of himself, while the mexican winery assistant (played by that puerto rican guy from 6 feet under) gave an embarrassingly terrible speech about wine making being in your blood, your heart, your soul, blah blah.


another guest gone. but what good times we had.

busy but good

tomorrow is going to be a good day all round, I can just feel it.


So last night I went to a bar in Kensington for the birthday of a friend of a friend. The place was pretty dead but the music was dece and the birthday group was deep into the drinks by the time we arrived. The party turned out to be outside the bar though, where I spent most of the time. A garbage truck stopped infront of us and suddenly the birthday boy had scaled the thing and was standing on top of this big goddamned garbage truck doing the air guitar and those sort of gesticulations one does when they are feeling particularly rock and roll. The squat garbage man comes up to me/us and commands us to get him down. He used a tone that was pissed off, but clearly not surprised.
Well after a couple woops and hollers from the crowd, we were mostly just telling him to get down, and birthday boy got the point. He wasn't so smooth on the dismount, half knocking off the broom attached to the truck and then falling flat on his back. Im convinced he hit his head too, but a bruised pride seemed to be what he was most concerned about. He jumped up like it was all part of the plan. laughing laughing, light hearted. good times. poor dude probably feels like a sack of hammers this morning.
I'm not good at making my stories short.
heather is in newmarket or some other place that isn't downtown Toronto. Tomorrow tomorrow.

She's in the air right now, and probably having this much fun:

Floater Magazine
but I still like the idea. dedicated to architecture that floats. hmm. if it strikes your fancy, here is the link


added to the too long list of awesome people who have killed themselves:
David Foster Wallace.

make a buck

need to see it big
my favorite on the bad side: I Just Pooped


who said what at the party conventions. Apparently the democrats were bigger on keywords overall, which I find mildly surprising. However, the breakdown of what words were said is not. NYT infographics will never be beat.

ah yes

they sell cards made out of macaroni, faded bottles of perfume whose name involves the phrase "if you liked ____, you'll love ____!", oven mitts, and jeans that accommodate a healthy gunt
The dad store sells golf ball cleaning devices, humour ties, socks, and bbq accessories kits.
For Christmas I once gave my mom potpourri (she hates the stuff) I bought at a rummage sale. used potpourri. I seem to remember dyed wood chips being in the mix.
Another time, I gave my dad the ENTIRE PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION as a souvenir. oh lord.

So the zen Buddhist temple around the block is having another one of their regular rummage sales. anyone who needs furniture or a bike should head on down. the knick knack selection was sub par this time. Sign in the stairwell:
Watch under your step
Don't waste your life

more visitors last weekend. I love being a tour guide to Toronto


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