and then I found this!

a location

ok so here goes a little picture tour of things. mostly the last 12 hours.
The view from C3PBecky's new digs:

Did you know I like to look at manhole covers in whatever location I'm in? Now you know.
Also, I'm thinking I might be a huge asshole and call them 'personholes' for a while. maybe.

green grass- hey Toronto maybe if you had a bit of this in the winter I wouldn't have been so hasty to leave.

action shot:

ok, time for a morning walk:

dude was just chilling:

good vibes


it's a pleasel my weasel

big jilm

I'm learning Dr. Jones on the Accordion.
goddamn I'm just blown away by my awesomeness

ps.yes this is the second aqua video I have posted on my blog.

on the mend

well after 4 days of misery, I'm finally starting to feel not sick again. I'm still playing it relatively safe tonight- staying in, grabbing a brewski (Granville Island Winter Ale gets two thumbs up, way up!) doing a little painting and watching Howard the Duck on Cable TV. well alright.


heavy metal

Sorayama cover (11/80), originally uploaded by jl.incrowd.

I think I'd like to learn Esperanto. Part of me thinks that maybe it isn't so useful, and look at all the more useful, beneficial things I could be doing. But what about all the less useful, more futile things I would likely do instead.
I mean it will probably involve a couple evening hours a week. It's not as if I'll be canceling plans to save the world in order to do this.
still... its a lot of effort for what would essentially be a party trick. a really awesome party trick.

in the local paper: some farmer found the skull of one of his sheep- it had two bullet holes in it. So he has put a curse on whoever did it. the curse, verbatim:
"God, Allah, or the deity that guards animals infests this culprit's armpits with the fleas and ticks of a thousand camels".
it's really the equal opportunity part of the curse that makes it so distinctly victoria.

I managed to convince C3POBecky to starting watching the Golden Girls season 3 dvd set. good times, sad times, sassy times... the Golden Girls offer it all. Also, I know it's nothing to be proud of, but I have permanently conflated memories of my grandma with Betty White- she plays Rose, the simple minded filly with the heart of gold.
if old age is as antic-filled as the Golden Girls promise it is, then count me in.

one love

I have no recollection of making this, but I know the bagel cut was from my trip to montreal. it lasted forever. I sold the piano in the background in early december. Thus I triangulate the creation of this photo to be sometime in late november.
I sure know how to spend my time wisely.

so becky moved to town. YES. Dave came over from Van to visit us for the weekend. (little refresher- B and D are both inner circle friends from uni. we all lived together for a bit too). B's trip to Tanzania was mind blowingly amazing and successful. D is an international mall planner and also highly successful and happy with the way things are going. oy. my turn!
now B and I are interneting in front of a toasty fire in her new place.
two non words used in this post:


these mona lisas by other artists are mildly entertaining. my favorite is the jackson pollock (have to click the link to see it).

so my uncle and I relate to one another through music. I'm having dinner with him and my aunt, and he requested I bring my top 5 song finds of 2008, along with a couple backups in case he's heard any of them before. Totally something I would do, including the back-up songs. I'm not that close with my family really, but sometimes it blows me away how similar I am to them.
so the good news is that now I have a good reason for making a top 5 list, and an audience (of one) that is actually interested! is there anything better than compiling lists?

Wild Animal

Wild Animal, originally uploaded by I Miss Your Ghost.


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