slow and low

I keep going back to this video.

mmmm damp

I love these first rainy grey days of spring in Toronto! It means things aren't frozen! it gives me such hope. The gulls are out too. These days give me a nice touch of the coast, without having to deal with 4 months of it. good job Toronto!
Oh since we're on the subject, Winter, I hate you.


Maybe this is another one of those things that people with a tv already know all about. I find it odd, in a good way. Reminds me of this. And of this little singing game using your fingers as pretend people I used to force erica and j to play back in HS social studies class. They found it odd, in a bad way I think.

still meat

So- the inclusion of 'plus-sized' women in beauty pageants. Good for you I guess, but I can't really get behind that. I mean whats the message- now women of all sizes are worthy of being evaluated, scored and compared like fucking dogs in a best of breed competition?
Don't judge my pant size. judge my poise in an evening gown.


I'm replying to erica's comment in the form of a post-
Of course I'm always game for making mixtapes. the only problem is that my tape player is on the fritz! everytime I turn on my stereo (several times a day), it makes the whirring and click sound of a tape switching sides- 8 times in succession. The walls are paper thin as I mentioned, so I started getting paranoid that my roommate would think I am being OCD and going through some ritual with turning the stereo on. So now when I turn the goddamned thing on, I make sure to make alot of shuffling noises, proving that it is happening independent of me. If I heard that coming from the other room every day, I'd assume it was OCD in action.
If I can get t to work, I am most definitely in for a mix tape exchange. I even have half a dozen songs on my 'erica' itunes playlist, ready for a moment like this! Dan Deacon not included this time around.
Anyone else interested?

oh goodness

E just posted about this guy. I feel the need to post it as well. I am so pleased E found him again. This site, this guy, he will suck you in. It's all gold.

study aid

note to self- Asahi isn't the greatest 2am studying beer.
Maybe I should start a tallboy journal. Like a white trash version of those wine diaries people have. Probably mostly just white people. The next entry for 'Stuff White People Like' maybe?
back to the tallboy journal. There will be little notes to fill in.
Brand: Asahi Super Dry
Type: Super Dry (it says so in the name) Draft Beer. Light and crisp. just how a Japanese beer should taste.
Occasions: Vigorous video gaming. Nights when the heat is turned up too high but you can't say anything because your roommates rooms are all at least 5degrees colder. summer evenings spent brown bagging it at the nearest park.
Best Paired with: A salad using the rest of the lettuce before it goes bad. Shiitake Vinegrette dressing {aside: I spelled it 'shittake' at first and blogger suggests 'shit take'. poo joke. funny.}. pizza- thats a point for Asahi; succesfully pairing bread and liquid bread can be difficult.
Notes: The can says 'A Beer for All Seasons'. thats a strike against it- first because it is obviously not a winter beer. how convenient that your beer is perfect ALL THE TIME!! secondly, its strike because I was long ago given the title of 'A Woman for Two Seasons'. I don't like things that are different from me.

Im strong

my skin is all broken out again, it must be truly bad- my hotdog stand man pointed it out. literally pointed. He said something about knowing I am strong because I have zits. And then something about getting a boy. probably something about not getting one actually. I decided to pass on the hotdog today.

oh funny.
Surprisingly explicit and seemingly unending movie sex scene seeks family for very uncomfortable viewing moment.

My jaws keep on moving and churning out talk.
I love to draw pictures in layers and layers,
and say the words backwards, when I say my prayers!

I am

As I mentioned in le 6 things about me post, I lost my hotmail randomly one day almost 3 years ago. The biggest loss was all the emails from my dad. Something so devastating, I didn't even like thinking about it, let alone talking about it. I even recovered the OS of our old family computer in a failed attempt to retrieve them. Well yesterday, I was looking for an old document and thought to look in my uni email- which I started forwarding through to gmail ages ago. Well fuck how could I have forgotten about it! Most of the old mail was long ago deleted by the stupid webmail app... but amid the rubble, there they were, 20ish old old emails from me pa. I can't believe I had forgotten about them! A few were really meaningful conversations. most of them were quick and mundane, but great to see. Plus they were never really mundane. He always had a funny little sign off: The Dad, daadaad, He Who is Dad, Don Dad, Dud (that was the usual), Dudster.
It is really great and really difficult to see these again.
One line that really sticks with me was at the end of some quick technical email. and i quote:
Sun shining here. Hope you are the same

I wonder if there will ever be an openly atheist US president? or even non-Christian. hmm... which one seems more likely.

Decision 2008

well the polls are in, and though things could change on a dime I have pretty much decided for sure that I will be staying in Tranna through the fall. All those waiting with bated breath may now exhale. (hed, could you pass that on to Finn?).
not really related: Toronto, even Ontario, is so not central Canada to West Coasters. It's "back East". I've always liked how the west is "out west" and the east is "back east", I feel that it hearkens back to a tradition of pioneering and progress to the West.

Quite a precise message., originally uploaded by ian boyd.

Walked past this today. really not how I imagined it would be

So through a friend of a friend, I am going to get some half price deals on American Apparel clothing, and I was just looking through the website. This was in the description of one of the dresses:
This raw-styled dress features a decorative dangling thread detail.
I did this big project on AA last year, and I basically decided once and for all that Dov Charney, the founder and centre of the AA universe is a genius asshole. making a look, even a decorative detail, out of unfinished seams and loose threads is a nice little confirmation of this.
I like him in the same way I like the late great Honest Ed Mirvish.
Except its a damned shame about all the sexual harassment lawsuits. Thats where the asshole part gets a little much.


Last night on my way out I was pretty on edge grumpy. waiting for the street car, it took a long time (8 minutes on the Spadina line is a lot I think).There was a huge group of us by the time it came, and lo and behold the streetcar was packed-bodies pressed against bodies. well actually it was only packed in the front half, and almost empty at the back. I HATE that. fucking sheep move baaaack. well the goddamn driver was only going to let on two of the 20 waiting people. I was person 4ish,and I snapped. I got in the door and yelled at the entire streetcar- something like "what is going on, move back! look how many people are waiting!". Only then did the driver bother to make an announcement, though people were heeding my barked orders already. God I fucking hate that. More than I should probably.
Later in the night I was singing Me and Bobby McGee at karaoke and I was much happier. That song makes me warm and fuzzy.

This one goes out to erica. Happy belated birthday!

So basically Im deciding whether to move back west in July or November. Is a 3 day music festival a legitimate reason to sway my decision? The line up looks awesome, it is a little out of town, but I'd have free, great accommodation.

oh hello

The walls of this house are so thin, its really ridiculous. Good thing for me I'm the loudest one and no one even minds because the girl I replaced blasted hardcore punk music all the time. It is one of those joined houses, and the people that moved into in the other half last month are renovating. lots of noise, but they are nice so I don't mind. Yesterday while I was in the washroom (which does not share a wall with the neighbours), someone sneezed, and I said Bless you. Turns out it was the neighbours.


Flags and pie charts together? mmm, dat's nice, dat's real nice. I was about to write out how I feel about pie charts, but I'll spare the reader that (but just so you know, the feelings are tensely mixed). These pie charts of flags sort of remind of this flag infographic.

I used to (still do) get jealous of the superior t-shirt wearing ability of males and to a lesser extent, women with smaller breast than I.

A 13 year old girl talking about the music she likes:’s music that you want to hear when you break up with the love of your life. Very emotional. Very angry. Honestly, I’ve never had a love of my life, but if I did, that’s what I would listen to when we broke up.
oh 13 year olds just have it all figured out and I love it. On why she's different:
I don’t get along with too many people at my school, because I have larger concerns than hanging out. I’m concerned about global issues.
everything she say is pretty much gold. It is from NYTmag's Look Book. Sort of like a better version of 'style file' or whatever its called, in NOW mag.

small things

So E says she is growing to love March, previously the fly on the wall month between february and april. (funny). I'm growing to hate it more and more. I'm a sucker for flowers, so I just bought myself some potted tulips as a morale booster.
Maybe I should also try putting a greater effort into my meal presentation?

This is part of a photo essay. It's a nice little read about the author's great uncle.

le bush

I did it

I braved the storm and actually it is quite beautiful out. I got the 2-for-1 pizza. 3 meals for 10$! I've got that video all ready to play. Maybe some Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
looks like this is going to be a good night

oh wow. I need to restock RIGHTNOW so I can get high and watch this

Tales of the Unexpected from More Soon on Vimeo.
Also, is it unreasonable to buy two pizzas for one person? The two-fer place that I always avoided down the street turns out to be fairly tolerable. Two tolerable pizzas for 10$ really can't be argued with. Plus a charming family runs the place. Literally the mom was making sauces, the kid was rolling out dough and the older brother took my cash. How nice. But as a single person, returning to my room alone, is two pizzas just a bit of a stab in the heart? I mean can I do it, or should that just be one of things you dont do. I need to know before I do or do not place my order.
Also it is snowing like crazy, maybe getting stoned and eating pizza alone is the only way I should spend my saturday night.

what is the etiquette for when you get poked on facebook? I've never really known what to do, and consequently just ignored it. Do I leave them a comment? "So I noticed you poked me.". Do I poke back? then it's just two people clicking a button.

I went and saw my friends band The Paper Cranes play last night. I missed them last time they were in Toronto (2 years ago) for CMW. I was really blown away, they were amazing live. A lot of fun.
I shouldn't have had that last beer. I shouldn't have listened to the saddest music possible during the hour long walk home. I shouldn't have begun whacking the rim of the pasta sauce bottle on the edge of the counter in an attempt to get the lid off. to use as a bagel topping. at 3 in the morning. to the delight of my roommates I'm sure. And most of all, I shouldn't have sent that drunk email.
oh! unrelated- the other day I saw what I presume to be 905ers take a cab to their car. ^TN^
^TN^ is what E and I are using these days in place of 'throat noise'. When we live in the same city again (it 's got to be an 'when', not an 'if') we're going to to end up talking in sequences of nonsense letters and symbols.
aside- E, the regular ^TN^ carets dont work with blogger- it thinks it is formatting

Erica bought us matching nightlights when she was visiting last year. I think hers is Mary? I adore mine. Since I'm sleeping on a mattress on the floor this year, it is the perfect little reading light. It has a lovely glow. A couple weeks ago, the switch got knocked off. Im much too passive aggressive to lay blame. It happened during Dave's visit. I was majorly disappointed, but I've been able to continue using it by ramming the switch back in and just sort of wiggling it around until I hit the right spot. Sort of like a teenage guy having sex! Earlier this week, I was doing just that and it made this little popping sound along with a couple of sparks. The light stayed on though, and I was happy until I started smelling burning plastic. It was a delicate operation trying to turn it off and unplug it without dieing in the process. You can't see in the picture, but the switch and the insides are browned.
So no more Jesus reading light. My bedtime reading seems to lack meaning and direction since then.
I still may fix it, once I have some handmade tinfoil tools and a shallow bucket of water to stand in.
ps. OH WOW. Jesus and I do the same picture pose. Finger point!

Just when we start to drift apart, BAM I fall in love all over again. Warning- if you fall in love with me, you will always have to compete with Ween. Or at least put up with listening to them on a semi-regular basis for the rest of your life with me. Picture is unrelated, yet completely on topic.

That's me, myself and I
So E tagged me, and I am to write 6 things about myself. anything? ok here it goes, dipping into the identity pillow case and pulling out six chloe mix tapes.

1. When I saw this Tagging and writing about yourself thing, I indulged myself in about 30 seconds of thinking how too cool I am for it, when I realized that this whole blog is me me me so why not just write six things instead of one. I guess that makes this a really extra special blog post.

2. About 2 and a half years ago my hotmail randomly stopped working . That meant MSN too, and I've been without ever since. It's been nice. Except it recently occurred to me that the last MSN name I had, the one that likely remains on the 'offline' section of most of my former contacts, is 'Explosive Chloeria'. For possibly dozens of people, a lame name barely funny the first time has now been embedded into my identity. Lame social networking names- it's the new going out without your underwear on. Explosive Chloeria. guh.

I'm skipping 3 to the end, otherwise it would totally wreck the mood of the rest of the post. you'll just have to wait.
4. I have always loved maps, blueprints and charts of any kind. My favorite are maps of statistics. drool. I still hold my first 'world factbook' dear to me.

5. I play the accordion. I started in grade 3, and luckily I switched schools soon after. Lucky because in grades 4 and 5 (maybe even 6, oh lord), I would return to the first school to play during the assemblies. Songs included- the banana boat song and achey-breaky heart.

6. Even if I had a really good time, I often leave parties or bars etc. a little early and take the long way home. I get really worried that this habit offends or bums people out, especially if they are new friends. Basically I just dont have the attention span. BUT I HAD A GOOD TIME

3. My Dad died almost three years ago. suicide. He was depressed pretty much his whole life, though almost no one would know it. We were really tight and his death completely turned my life insideout-upsidedown. Reality lost a benchmark or something. It was pretty much only 6 or 8 months ago that I truly began to feel a return to something normal. Life will never be the same though, and he is a part of a lot of my thoughts, . My opinions on suicide haven't changed since this- it is horrible and it is the result of a disease. it is NOT selfish, and it makes me sick when people think that. Despite my ambivalence, I decided I would include this because it is such a big part of my life and I also want to be perfectly clear that, as with a death from cancer or diabetes, depression is tragic and treatable, but not shameful. Also, I never want people to feel uncomfortable about bringing up my Dad or his death. I'm cool with talking about it.

With that I'm off to bed. I should transition in to pleasant things first. I wore my spring jacket today! spring jacket!!!!!! what a turn around!
oh! tag people. Well raymi. I think that about does it for untagged bloggers I know.

pc bullshit

So I'm on campus, trying to get some work done, but I didn't bring my headphones (the shitty temporary replacements still). getting work done in silence is sooo painful, so after only an hour and a half (including 45 minutes of nonwork), I decided to leave. Well that was 5-10 minutes ago. Just as I was about to pack up to leave, the two girls studying beside me start hugging affectionately, more hugging, then some kissing. Ok they are lesbian, thats cool with me. But now I'm all selfconscious about leaving as soon as their lesbianness has been made evident. I dont want them to think I have a problem with it. oh but now they have started making out intensely enough to make me feel uncomfortable- straight or gay. I can hear smacking of lips and saliva.
SAVED- the study space is closing for the day!

so I'm getting ready for the 4th? annual pirate party, and I just drew an anchor on my arm. dammit- it's sailors that have those, not pirates! oh well. any excuse to have an anchor tattoo I suppose.


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