Ok. So there wasn’t much dancing afterall, but it was an excellent time nonetheless. One of those nights where you think, why don’t I see these people more often. Hopefully now I will. There is something wonderfully relaxing about spending the evening with a group of gay guys, particularly when I’ve convinced myself that everything that comes out of my mouth is a witty zinger. Jason and Angus have got the most gorgeous place by the way. Filled with mid/late century sturdy wood furniture that made me want to put on a high waisted pencil skirt and transcribe things. I already have my outfit planned for my next visit!
I slept way too late today. And then lounged and I really don’t have the time do be lounging these days. By the time I made it outside I realized I had mossed most of what was one of those perfect first days of spring where everyone is puttering about, just glad to be alive. So fuck you winter.


  1. highwaisted said...

    i always feel horrible about not being outside on nice days and then im like jeez its not like this is the only nice day of the year. im allowed to stay in and not enjoy it. this comment blows.  


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