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do I really want a job that requires living an an area so remote, the salary includes an 'isolation allowance'
hmm. let's pretend I have the luxury of being picky

I know I've made a good friend when I can bolt in the middle of a great night without having them get worried or insulted. it's a classic chloe move. Alicia is officially one of these friends. also, it turns out we both have an unhealthy obsession with the number 24.

american apparel and LOLcatz (LOLdogz? is there one?)
well Dov, looks like your Am Ap advertising schtick has officially reached its half life.

last week I ended up at a sports bar. They are weird places- tvs on every surface including the floor and at every booth. Definitely more tvs than customers. maybe 3:1. It was one of those night where someone keeps ordering pitchers even though we haven't finished the last one and probably shouldn't either. What can you do at a time like that but pour your heart into singing Rocket Man on the karaoke machine.
That song always reminds me of this 3am bike ride I took a couple of years ago. I was stopped at an almost deserted red light and this heavy duty chopper pulls up next to me blasting Rocket Man. Not only did dude have speakers on his chopper, but he was using them to blast Elton John. I bet he was happy


one less day

ran across this quote on the internets this morning. an aside: let it be known that I wasn't on some self help site or something, there is cheesiness to be had whenever we turn:
“Missing someone gets easier everyday.. because even though it’s one day farther from the last time you saw each other, it’s one day closer to the next time you will be with them again….”
Dear lord are they saying that the greatest solace of grief is that each day we get closer to death? oy

Let the countdown begin! ten days until halloween!

Turns out I've been at this blog for round about a year now. gee!
In honour of this illustrious occasion, I re-present to you the youtube video that makes life alright:

it really never gets old. which is more than I can say about this blog.

a few things I wish more females did, along with my personal status on them (my record is not great):
1.play in a band: I would give up vodka, a month off of my life, and possibly even the ability to burp on command (that's a biggie for me, really) to be able to sing well. pretty much I want to be Janis Joplin minus the drug overdose.
2. skateboard: I gave this a try for a bit, but I could never get over the amount of noise they make and the amount of falls they produced.
3.politics: but not me
4.own a motorcycle: I plan on owning one of these when I have the money. a Triumph ideally. god that'll be awesome.
5.parkour: like this chick.
6.public erections: when is the last time you saw someone get a boner in public? I bet you anything it was a guy
meh. that's enough for now. writing and comedy could also be a part of that list, but actually I can't think of anything interesting or funny to include about them. doye.

In no particular order

carrot cashew loaf. So delicious, I swear even meat eaters love it. though I can't promise you won't miss the real flesh of bird.


Le mum and her bestie are in town. Time for good meals and shopping etc.


So these old Portuguese and Italian ladies who wear all black when they become widows. I wonder if sometimes they are really sad not to be able to wear a favorite article of clothing once their husband kicks it. No more wearing your favorite red cardigan, but you can get it in a black. I wonder if there comes a point, pre-dead husband, where they are about to buy a jaunty floral smock, but stop and think, you know... he is going to drop pretty soon, i'll only get 6 months max out of this smock. So she buys it in black instead, and sneaks it into the closet in a quiet moment between preparing chewless meals and sponging down the husband.

photobooths are so great. this was taken at some point during our grand train trip across the country. Vancouver to Toronto. We were 14, and I definitely thought I was somebody real cool. Lucy was moving to Ottawa with her ma; it was sad to come back west without her...

money woes

Last night at 10pm most of the lights were still on in the big tall bank buildings. it made for a lovely vista, but I can't imagine they were all there having office parties.


This fantastic contraption, called the ‘Routefinder’, showed 1920s drivers in the UK the roads they were travelling down, gave them the mileage covered and told them to stop when they came at journey’s end.
from strange maps

vp debate

wow. not even 5 minutes in, and Palin has mentioned sitting on the sidelines of a kids soccer game.

at least i wasn't hit by a bus today.

family pills

ah, those moments when I know I'm really not so unlike my mother- whenever someone even so much as sniffles, or mentions, 'I think I'm setting si-" I thrust a handful of vitamins at them TAKE THESE VITAMINS and take these ones in a few hours.
vitamins vitamins.growing up, le mother used to give me a little handful of unknown vitamins for me to force down. some of them were those terrible horse pill sized monsters that, if not swallowed properly, would haunt me with terrible vitamin burps for the rest of the day. The little handful was doubled and repeated throughout the day at the slightest indication of impending illness.
'did you take your vitamins?'

double politeness, originally uploaded by superlocal.


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