ages ago a friend with a pick up helped me move out of the infamous (in my insular little mind) walmer apartment. as thanks I gave him a bunch of beer, a pick-up bed full of empties- he wanted them!- and our communal stereo. The stereo was pretty decent except that the volume knob only turned it up, even when you did the international counter-clockwise twist for volume down unless you got it just so, which only happened about 5% of the time and generally after everyone's ears were bleeding. Our solution was to only ever use the stereo remote which worked just fine.
Well I just found that stereo remote in the back of a drawer. I have carried it around with me through three moves and a stint in storage. all the time wonder what the hell buddy did to deal with the pretty serious volume issue. somehow I never remembered to give it to him or even ask him about it. but i did keep the remote. time to throw it away probably?

body parts

love this.
graphic chart showing body part mentions per musical genre. czech it.

a westcoaster

So I'm dogsitting, and the dog is charming but a little nervous. A medium-large dog. Rufus. Two nights ago: Even though the apartment was super hot, I decided to stay the night with him. good thing. at 1:00am Big-D called me. After talking for a while, Rufus started freaking out, but I thought it was from my talking. nope. massive liquid diarrhea all over the floor.
An excerpt from the email I sent Big-D the next day-

oh lord. So last night after cleaning up the puddle of shit, I took Rufus the dog out for a little walk, in case he needed to do another. he did. It was good that it was 130 am so that the world didnt have to watch my dog liquid shit (I would have just muttered how it isnt my dog, which I did when he peed on someones bike). It was bad that it was 130am because I stupidly went out braless in my slinky sleep tank top. Middle of parkdale at 130 am is not the time to be wearing that unless you are looking to score crack at a discount.
I thought last night was bad. this morning Rufus fucking left a puddle of shit on the carpet! so so so much worse! the sounds it makes coming out of his ass will haunt me forever. I had planned on nutella for breakfast (I kid you not).... but after spreading over my toast, I couldn't bring myself to touch it.

Falling asleep in a haze of shit smell was not fun. There were several more puddles of poo after that, but all outside thank god. So the world did get a chance to watch the dog liquid shit after all. I won't get into the logistics of dealing with that. I've already gone into way too much detail.

They are getting more an more attention in both the academic and architectural world. Decent little article in the NYT, with lots of pretty pictures. They seem to have a lot of potential, but here are some concerns-

Armando Carbonell, chairman of the department of planning and urban form at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge, Mass., called the idea “very provocative.”But it requires a rigorous economic analysis, he added. “Would a tomato in lower Manhattan be able to outbid an investment banker for space in a high-rise? My bet is that the investment banker will pay more.”
Mr. Carbonell questions if a vertical farm could deliver the energy savings its supporters promise. “There’s embodied energy in the concrete and steel and in construction,” he said, adding that the price of land in the city would still outweigh any savings from not having to transport food from afar. “I believe that this general relationship is going to hold, even as transportation costs go up and carbon costs get incorporated into the economic system.”


ok, I'm busy busy, but I can spare 5 while the dishes soak. My super cool cousin and her boyfriend were in town from BC this weekend. Me: Swearing up and down the whole time the the weather isn't usually like this(cold and rainy); in my experience, a shakey sentiment at best in any location.
At The Red Room, we had a table near the stairs to the washroom [ever notice that every Toronto bar has their washrooms at the bottom of a steep and rickety set of stairs?]. A rat, not a mouse, a huge fucking rat comes running up the stairs and under the shoe of the nearest fella. I made large hand gestures and unintelligible half words, it fled back down the abysss before anyone else saw. It made another appearance as I was leaving the washroom, this time another girl was there to witness it too. I'm a social shrieker- I do it if everyone else is doing it. She did it. I did it. I always get embarrassed at my primal girly scared sounds. but there it was.
Just as I was trying to convince myself that the Red Room beer taps were clean enough to get draught from without getting doubly hung the next day. Alas, the next day beer shits, along with the rat, indicated otherwise.


This site is worth a gander. It's like Better Homes and Gardens for the new (neo? nouvelle?) bohemian set. is the term bohemian even relevant anymore? It feels a touch like using the word bling or gen x or gander ...might be best to move on. I've got to think on this.
Anyway, the site. It even has Tom Wolfe's place

I just saw a girl wearing what I swear was our high school marching band skirts for the colour party. The colour party are the girls holding the flags. The skirts were blue and green plaid and so short it also came with matching blue underwear.
Marching band and band in general was big at our high school. I always feel the need to say that when I mention that I was in marching band' sorta like saying, don't worry, I wasn't one of THOSE. I did colour party one year yes. Then I moved on to playing my bass clarinet in the white pants and plaid blazer uniform. The thing about the bass clarinet is that it's not "so dorky it's cool" like the tuba' it's just dorky. ah well, It was pretty fun to play since most of the songs involved doing the oom-paa-paa style bass line. Thanks to my accordion playing skillz, I was already a pro at that. Now the accordion- definitely so dorky it's cool. oom-paa-paa.


Another weekend away, hoorah! this time with A, to Niagra on the Lake. thanks Alicia! We swam in fancy pools and got a free wine tasting of the most amazing wines. It really is quite wonderful to get tipsy on fabulous wines you didn't pay for. And then go swimming in a salt water pool. closest I'll get to an ocean this summer.
In another world, I would run an apothecary. what's your ailment? I'll concoct a remedy and mash it up with a mortar and pestle.

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spilled wet coffee grounds all over the place, including my clothes
forgot to press the start button on the dryer, had to hang around an extra hour
three trips to the bank to deposit rent (didn't bring the account #, TWICE)
flustered and hot on this muggy summer day
Was hungry, irritable and ready for my usual snapping at anyone who dared look at me twice. But then I though, well, at least I didn't get hit by a bus today. And that really did help.
At least I didn't get hit by a bus. What a terrible day that would be.


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