Welcome Toronto Winter, have a seat.
So you have arrived. As you know, our relationship has been frosty at best (aren't I a fucking riot). I have been known to say outright that I hate you, but you made it pretty clear my first year here- with your record setting cold and snow in MAY that you had no intention of being friends.
I come to you now winter, partly because this may just end up being my last time with you, but mostly because your buddy fall has been so extra good to me this year. Please don't be an asshole and ruin the good thing we had going.
Go ahead and have a few blustery, wind-tunnel horror, sting your face days. But for god's sake, do it sparingly. Dumps of snow are ok by me by the way. Dumps of any kind are ok by me really.
And please try to wrap it all up by late March? By that time I am really fiending for some green amid the concrete grey and slush brown.
Uh yeah, so thanks.
Oh- be sure to check out the new Micheal Lee-Chin Crystal whatever-its-called wing of the ROM. It's the building that looks like a giant salt crystal, and I think your ice and snow will do some awesome things to that place.
I just decided that that building is a living example of architecture as a tourist grab.


  1. rizabeff said...

    I love this  

  2. Chlo said...

    thanks buddy  


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