two for one (person)

oh wow. I need to restock RIGHTNOW so I can get high and watch this

Tales of the Unexpected from More Soon on Vimeo.
Also, is it unreasonable to buy two pizzas for one person? The two-fer place that I always avoided down the street turns out to be fairly tolerable. Two tolerable pizzas for 10$ really can't be argued with. Plus a charming family runs the place. Literally the mom was making sauces, the kid was rolling out dough and the older brother took my cash. How nice. But as a single person, returning to my room alone, is two pizzas just a bit of a stab in the heart? I mean can I do it, or should that just be one of things you dont do. I need to know before I do or do not place my order.
Also it is snowing like crazy, maybe getting stoned and eating pizza alone is the only way I should spend my saturday night.


  1. highwaisted said...

    i will come over and get stoned with you and share that pizza. what the hell was that video of?  

  2. Chlo said...

    as of an hour ago, the pizza is all gone. Im always up for pizza and pot nights though! just say the word(s).
    you know, I just kind of assumed the video was of various sushi ingredients, but now Im really not sure. damn!  


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