That's me, myself and I
So E tagged me, and I am to write 6 things about myself. anything? ok here it goes, dipping into the identity pillow case and pulling out six chloe mix tapes.

1. When I saw this Tagging and writing about yourself thing, I indulged myself in about 30 seconds of thinking how too cool I am for it, when I realized that this whole blog is me me me so why not just write six things instead of one. I guess that makes this a really extra special blog post.

2. About 2 and a half years ago my hotmail randomly stopped working . That meant MSN too, and I've been without ever since. It's been nice. Except it recently occurred to me that the last MSN name I had, the one that likely remains on the 'offline' section of most of my former contacts, is 'Explosive Chloeria'. For possibly dozens of people, a lame name barely funny the first time has now been embedded into my identity. Lame social networking names- it's the new going out without your underwear on. Explosive Chloeria. guh.

I'm skipping 3 to the end, otherwise it would totally wreck the mood of the rest of the post. you'll just have to wait.
4. I have always loved maps, blueprints and charts of any kind. My favorite are maps of statistics. drool. I still hold my first 'world factbook' dear to me.

5. I play the accordion. I started in grade 3, and luckily I switched schools soon after. Lucky because in grades 4 and 5 (maybe even 6, oh lord), I would return to the first school to play during the assemblies. Songs included- the banana boat song and achey-breaky heart.

6. Even if I had a really good time, I often leave parties or bars etc. a little early and take the long way home. I get really worried that this habit offends or bums people out, especially if they are new friends. Basically I just dont have the attention span. BUT I HAD A GOOD TIME

3. My Dad died almost three years ago. suicide. He was depressed pretty much his whole life, though almost no one would know it. We were really tight and his death completely turned my life insideout-upsidedown. Reality lost a benchmark or something. It was pretty much only 6 or 8 months ago that I truly began to feel a return to something normal. Life will never be the same though, and he is a part of a lot of my thoughts, . My opinions on suicide haven't changed since this- it is horrible and it is the result of a disease. it is NOT selfish, and it makes me sick when people think that. Despite my ambivalence, I decided I would include this because it is such a big part of my life and I also want to be perfectly clear that, as with a death from cancer or diabetes, depression is tragic and treatable, but not shameful. Also, I never want people to feel uncomfortable about bringing up my Dad or his death. I'm cool with talking about it.

With that I'm off to bed. I should transition in to pleasant things first. I wore my spring jacket today! spring jacket!!!!!! what a turn around!
oh! tag people. Well raymi. I think that about does it for untagged bloggers I know.


  1. rizabeff said...

    you're so lovely

  2. Chlo said...

    thanks buddy!  

  3. raymi lauren said...


  4. highwaisted said...

    that was a nice introduction to getting to know you. :) can't wait for more reads!  

  5. Chlo said...

    oh thanks guys! Im going to go read yours now  


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