guiding light

Erica bought us matching nightlights when she was visiting last year. I think hers is Mary? I adore mine. Since I'm sleeping on a mattress on the floor this year, it is the perfect little reading light. It has a lovely glow. A couple weeks ago, the switch got knocked off. Im much too passive aggressive to lay blame. It happened during Dave's visit. I was majorly disappointed, but I've been able to continue using it by ramming the switch back in and just sort of wiggling it around until I hit the right spot. Sort of like a teenage guy having sex! Earlier this week, I was doing just that and it made this little popping sound along with a couple of sparks. The light stayed on though, and I was happy until I started smelling burning plastic. It was a delicate operation trying to turn it off and unplug it without dieing in the process. You can't see in the picture, but the switch and the insides are browned.
So no more Jesus reading light. My bedtime reading seems to lack meaning and direction since then.
I still may fix it, once I have some handmade tinfoil tools and a shallow bucket of water to stand in.
ps. OH WOW. Jesus and I do the same picture pose. Finger point!


  1. raymi lauren said...

    you can have the pretty flower one i got from eliz's going away party, we never use it, well only once when the kitchen lights blew out, but still, i think she would want you to have it.  

  2. rizabeff said...

    I do want you to have it and OMG the Jesus finger thing you're whole relevance to my life has just shifted and I might start praying again  


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