pc bullshit

So I'm on campus, trying to get some work done, but I didn't bring my headphones (the shitty temporary replacements still). getting work done in silence is sooo painful, so after only an hour and a half (including 45 minutes of nonwork), I decided to leave. Well that was 5-10 minutes ago. Just as I was about to pack up to leave, the two girls studying beside me start hugging affectionately, more hugging, then some kissing. Ok they are lesbian, thats cool with me. But now I'm all selfconscious about leaving as soon as their lesbianness has been made evident. I dont want them to think I have a problem with it. oh but now they have started making out intensely enough to make me feel uncomfortable- straight or gay. I can hear smacking of lips and saliva.
SAVED- the study space is closing for the day!


  1. raymi lauren said...


  2. Anonymous said...

    heh... i could see you walking up to them and being all: 'just so you know, i don't have a problem with this at all!' waving your finger all matter of factly and then tripping over something while you back out of the library. classic!


  3. Chlo said...

    oh erica, you just know me  


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