study aid

note to self- Asahi isn't the greatest 2am studying beer.
Maybe I should start a tallboy journal. Like a white trash version of those wine diaries people have. Probably mostly just white people. The next entry for 'Stuff White People Like' maybe?
back to the tallboy journal. There will be little notes to fill in.
Brand: Asahi Super Dry
Type: Super Dry (it says so in the name) Draft Beer. Light and crisp. just how a Japanese beer should taste.
Occasions: Vigorous video gaming. Nights when the heat is turned up too high but you can't say anything because your roommates rooms are all at least 5degrees colder. summer evenings spent brown bagging it at the nearest park.
Best Paired with: A salad using the rest of the lettuce before it goes bad. Shiitake Vinegrette dressing {aside: I spelled it 'shittake' at first and blogger suggests 'shit take'. poo joke. funny.}. pizza- thats a point for Asahi; succesfully pairing bread and liquid bread can be difficult.
Notes: The can says 'A Beer for All Seasons'. thats a strike against it- first because it is obviously not a winter beer. how convenient that your beer is perfect ALL THE TIME!! secondly, its strike because I was long ago given the title of 'A Woman for Two Seasons'. I don't like things that are different from me.


  1. highwaisted said...

    this is a very informative good post.  

  2. Chlo said...

    why thank-you
    The girl knows tallboys  

  3. Chlo said...

    oh god, I referred to myself in the 3rd person.
    I'm like the snake eating its own tail. sort of not really.  


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