I'm replying to erica's comment in the form of a post-
Of course I'm always game for making mixtapes. the only problem is that my tape player is on the fritz! everytime I turn on my stereo (several times a day), it makes the whirring and click sound of a tape switching sides- 8 times in succession. The walls are paper thin as I mentioned, so I started getting paranoid that my roommate would think I am being OCD and going through some ritual with turning the stereo on. So now when I turn the goddamned thing on, I make sure to make alot of shuffling noises, proving that it is happening independent of me. If I heard that coming from the other room every day, I'd assume it was OCD in action.
If I can get t to work, I am most definitely in for a mix tape exchange. I even have half a dozen songs on my 'erica' itunes playlist, ready for a moment like this! Dan Deacon not included this time around.
Anyone else interested?


  1. rizabeff said...

    I just can't bring myself to fruition, can't close this permanent gap  

  2. Chlo said...

    hooked, I know  


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