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As I mentioned in le 6 things about me post, I lost my hotmail randomly one day almost 3 years ago. The biggest loss was all the emails from my dad. Something so devastating, I didn't even like thinking about it, let alone talking about it. I even recovered the OS of our old family computer in a failed attempt to retrieve them. Well yesterday, I was looking for an old document and thought to look in my uni email- which I started forwarding through to gmail ages ago. Well fuck how could I have forgotten about it! Most of the old mail was long ago deleted by the stupid webmail app... but amid the rubble, there they were, 20ish old old emails from me pa. I can't believe I had forgotten about them! A few were really meaningful conversations. most of them were quick and mundane, but great to see. Plus they were never really mundane. He always had a funny little sign off: The Dad, daadaad, He Who is Dad, Don Dad, Dud (that was the usual), Dudster.
It is really great and really difficult to see these again.
One line that really sticks with me was at the end of some quick technical email. and i quote:
Sun shining here. Hope you are the same


  1. raymi lauren said...

    oh boy, print those asap and stow away, dont lose 'em.  

  2. highwaisted said...

    that is so nice.:)  


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