Last night on my way out I was pretty on edge grumpy. waiting for the street car, it took a long time (8 minutes on the Spadina line is a lot I think).There was a huge group of us by the time it came, and lo and behold the streetcar was packed-bodies pressed against bodies. well actually it was only packed in the front half, and almost empty at the back. I HATE that. fucking sheep move baaaack. well the goddamn driver was only going to let on two of the 20 waiting people. I was person 4ish,and I snapped. I got in the door and yelled at the entire streetcar- something like "what is going on, move back! look how many people are waiting!". Only then did the driver bother to make an announcement, though people were heeding my barked orders already. God I fucking hate that. More than I should probably.
Later in the night I was singing Me and Bobby McGee at karaoke and I was much happier. That song makes me warm and fuzzy.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    did you got the hot body tingles you get from adrenaline for gearing yourself to speak up in public?  

  2. rizabeff said...

    you do karaoke? wow. major props to you my friend.

    last night schactman and I had soup and pita and watched tv together. you were missed.

    I have a new euphemism for smoking weed. I will email it to you.  

  3. highwaisted said...

    nice work.  

  4. Chlo said...

    loves the karaoke.
    I didn't get the hot body tingles- I was still too busy being angry at every single person on that streetcar.  


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