Regrets? I've had a few

I went and saw my friends band The Paper Cranes play last night. I missed them last time they were in Toronto (2 years ago) for CMW. I was really blown away, they were amazing live. A lot of fun.
I shouldn't have had that last beer. I shouldn't have listened to the saddest music possible during the hour long walk home. I shouldn't have begun whacking the rim of the pasta sauce bottle on the edge of the counter in an attempt to get the lid off. to use as a bagel topping. at 3 in the morning. to the delight of my roommates I'm sure. And most of all, I shouldn't have sent that drunk email.
oh! unrelated- the other day I saw what I presume to be 905ers take a cab to their car. ^TN^
^TN^ is what E and I are using these days in place of 'throat noise'. When we live in the same city again (it 's got to be an 'when', not an 'if') we're going to to end up talking in sequences of nonsense letters and symbols.
aside- E, the regular ^TN^ carets dont work with blogger- it thinks it is formatting


  1. rizabeff said...

    I understand - also, who did you drunk email?  

  2. highwaisted said...

    also funny! cabs to their cars, crazy peeps  


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