So after watching the new CBC series 'JPod' I decided I'd rather read the book on which it is based before watching anymore. I finally cracked open my unread copy and have barely put it down since. Line I read today that I really liked:
“Documents are thirty four percent more boring when presented in the courier font.”
For me, courier is singly redeemed by my favorite ever prof who used it in all his handouts. His age indicates that he uses it as a carry over from typewriter days. His classic stylings (he really confirmed old man chic for me) made it just so perfect.
Anyway, after reading that line, I saw this. Basically:
The typeface you use for an academic paper might just influence your mark. At the very least, Academics like serifs. My Vista word default is sans serif, I should do something about that!
Since I am already revealing my nerdiness for typography (sounds so much more legit than 'fonts'), I might as well bring up the fact that I like trying to match fonts to people. Maybe I should make it a formal project. hm. oh, ideas!


  1. Anonymous said...

    there was an article in the gazette this summer about typography, in particular: 'which font is fun and spontaneous (?!)' or 'which one is boring and pretentious' surveys showed nobody digs courier and times new roman anymore! apparently we're fuddy duddies chloe. fuddy duddies in the world of typography... deeeeeeepressing.


  2. Chlo said...

    oh man! I need to get my hands on that article!  


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