remix to ignition

Walking down the street, I thought I heard the talkative Chinese autistic guy from one of my classes walking behind me. Turns out it was this white 'thug' talking in an incredibly embarrassing (for everyone) mutation of Ebonics. Do I even need to mention that he was wear a matching baby blue sweat suit?
Next thing- maybe I am completely out of touch, but I heard a song today that went something like "baby I'm getting intoxicated on desire, and you're the designated driver". It sounded like Beyonce's voice, but I'm not sure. Anyway, if dude is the designated driver, doesn't that mean he doesn't have any desire for her? So is the song supposed to be about this girl crushing on a guy that isn't into her? It didn't seem like it. who is missing something, me or them?
Ever cried while eating? I did today! In public no less.It hit me pretty unexpectedly, and suddenly the last thing I wanted was a big wad of 1.50$ Vietnamese sub in my mouth. I had to choose between tears and food. I chose food. Anyway, it is a weird unpleasant sensation


  1. rizabeff said...

    crying and eating is incredibly hard to do
    it happens when you pause between chews  


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