oh god. so I am one of those fast walkers. I love making friends with other fastwalkers because then when we hang out, I don't have to constantly make mental notes to slow my pace. As a fast walker I have also perfected the art of passing. So I was walking home today and rapidly coming up behind this guy. A few metres away he slightly turns his head, and I realize it is this guy! shit, well I don't want to have to pass him! I have successfully avoided contact with him since 'the incident'. So I suddenly slow my pace, but he is walking much slower than I, and he keeps sort of turning his head so it becomes clear that he is expecting someone to be passing him. The slower pace didnt work either, because he clearly heard someone quickly walking up behind them and then suddenly slow about 3 metres away, plus I was still walking faster than him. Hang outs with him would be a pain. I couldnt break out into fast walk again, so I just hovered behind him for a bit until I passed him, at which point I pretended to just notice it was in fact him. I learned my lesson. quick hey and medium pace away. geez.


  1. rizabeff said...

    nobody ever wants to be "that guy"  


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