I was all crabby walking back from kensington shopping, remembered that I haven't had a drop of coffee yet today. So I'm all primed to go to the coffee shop at the bottom of my street, waiting for the light to change so I can get there. This homeless guy standing at the crosswalk asks me for change for food, I open up my wallet and root around, and alas I only have a few pennies. I offered him a bun- he didnt take it. Anyway, there was no way I was going to walk into the coffee shop and pay with a twenty while he looked on from across the street. So here I am, still cloudy and caffeine free, shamed into passing up the coffee shop.


  1. rizabeff said...

    did you see that alchemy is no more
    I saw that and was sad and thought of out biscuit and coffee routine and became even sadder  

  2. Chlo said...

    If alchemy was still open, I would've had a coffee, change to give the guy AND an lavender shortbread for later- which I would eat right now.
    oh sigh  


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