NO! I was getting myself all pumped up for the timbersports competition I was going to compete in (!!!!) this weekend. Alas, they don't need me. its all over. Who knows when I will next get the change to chop wood competitively. Although to tell the truth, I was already getting nervous about the axe throw. Have you lifted a full sized axe lately? it's no hatchet. oh god whenever i think about it i get gorey horrible visions of things gone wrong.
The double bummer is that it is taking place outside of Montreal, so Saturday night would have been erica time!
Montreal will have to wait


  1. Anonymous said...

    je suis super pissed aussi! i didn't know you were going to be chucking full sized axes! mon dieu! 'magine you almost hit someone? you'd be all: 'sssssssssssschhhh! sorry! sorry!' you know?
    where are the timbersport olympics being held anyways? i might try and convince kids to go watch them, if i can get over my fear of driving in the snow...
    i will see you when the weather gets nicer, i'll take you birding! it'll be better when we've got something more to look at than pidgeons, starlings, and house sparrows...

  2. Anonymous said...

    p.s have you seen the michel gondry video for the NOT tears for fears version of 'mad world'?


  3. Chlo said...

    I'm not sure where is it, but apparently it is at least half and hour outside of Montreal. if I find out, I'll let you know, but be warned, it is a bunch of university students doing this, not huge burly, surly guys with hernia belts and handlebar mustaches (Im sure there will be a few milling about though). so the viewing enjoyment probably goes down several notches  


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