You should come to the protest, afterwards we're all gonna get hammered!
*some guy in a Montreal hostel actually said this to E and I. I can't really remember what the protest was about, and I doubt buddy ever really knew. I seem to remember him taking along a Canadian flag, and us sorta being like 'wha?'. We declined.
We also declined the (whispered) offer to go to a "very reputable, classy strip club" with this reeeeeaally creepy guy pushing 40. We were both 18 at the time [holy shit]. He said he had been offered a deal he just couldn't refuse, and was charitably offering to let us in on it. Its guys like that who come up with those email scams- "Greetings, I am Alfonse Amoussou, an established businessman from the Crozet Islands. I am requesting your help with transferring 500,000." blah blah. Also, he had red silk sheets. to use on the bunk beds in the communal sleeping quarters. Fuck, I wonder what he is doing right now?
looking back, that trip was a seminal event in my young adult life.


  1. rizabeff said...

    are those girls protesting being hot?

    also, seminal even in my young adult life and GASP I really am trying to comprehend me being 18 and it's not working you are so great!

    also, don't forget guiseppe, the black sheep and my love affair with a forty year old joe strummer and that kid I made out with and then he talked about his ex girlfriend its so weird that you blogged this today bc I was thinking about that guy today whatever his name was and how I was so stupid and just listened to him talk about his ex garg dumb ok yes I can fathom being 18 now  


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