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I am no longer sleeping hamster style! I got a mattress in my new place! this replaces my makeshift bed consisting of (in order starting from the floor. actually, just the sub floor during december):
1 blanket
1 large parka
1 1-inch thick egg-crate style foamy
1 more blanket- that awesome kind they have in hospitals and carhartt makes hoodies out of.
1 set of sheets, a pillow and blanket for sleeping under.
I rolled it to the side most days, so at night I was literally making my bed. Anyway, I kept flip flopping from thinking I was a pathetic failure for having that as my bed, to thinking it was fucking rock and roll (that was stretching it, and usually involved some combination of pot, neil young guitar solos and janis joplin wailings) and then I would feel ridiculously spoiled for scoffing over sleeping conditions better than probably 90% of the world. Nonetheless, I am pleased to have both a floor and a mattress.


  1. Anonymous said...


    i am glad to hear you are living such an extravagant lifestyle.

    you should be glad to hear that this page is such a regular of mine that it has been promoted to a special bookmark button in the toolbar. its you, facebook and perez.


  2. Chlo said...

    aw thanks hed! its sorta weird to write this stuff and not really have an idea of who is reading it, or their response. so I like the comments.  

  3. rizabeff said...

    after five (WOW) years of friendship I still cannot believe that you like the egg crate foam  

  4. Chlo said...

    oh man, love the egg crate foam, but I would drop it in a second for a slab of precious memory foam. That stuff is like th first step toward sleeping in suspended animation  

  5. raymi lauren said...

    memory foam is way intense  


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