time for some acoustic

well it was another wild and crazy weekend for the ever awesome and in demand cbt. Friday was free beers at the bar after the beer tap sprayed on me and I acted all exasperated yet stoic (is that possible?), insisted on a napkin etc etc. Last night was a first- I literally danced all night. To house music at that! Went with D and some of his friends. Drank lots of water. pupils dilated. I had a great time. At about 6am I went to the washroom and this 34 year old woman was talking to some chicks she didnt know about how she has a 12 year old daughter and "actually kids are a lot of work, but my mom has my daughter now. And are you coming to the comfort zone (a club that pretty much gets started at 6or7 am), oh no you are the designated driver, hey I learned to drive stick while I was on e, my friend even 'G'ed out in the back seat. And isnt this so much fun, PARTY!
That is when I decided it was time to go home.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    ok i was about to say i know what Drank lots of water. pupils dilated. means, but everything after that killed my spirit. man i want some e right now.  

  2. Chlo said...

    yeah, she was a walking public service announcement  

  3. rizabeff said...

    I like your new blog chloe!  

  4. Chlo said...

    thanks! me too! still some tweaking to be done though.  


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