thick air

gross it is so muggy out. I walked to King and Bathurst and by the time I got there I had this sharp pain in my chest, from the smog I'm sure. At Spadina and Queen, the CN tower (a 10 minute walk away) was hazy, faded and hard to see.
gross gross.
in the summer, it is fresh air I miss the most.
oh also I've developed this sort of masochistic love of chinatown in the summer. so packed with people. so noisy. so stinky. so stifling. it doesn't get more Toronto.


  1. Anonymous said...

    today is grosstastic. how did it go from thunderstorms to sandstorms within a week. yuck.
    i ate in kensington today. there was barely a difference on the patio and indoors. where the shit's the breeze?  


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