wiki told me that
-They comprise the Gluto (Latin for Glutton!) branch of the weasel family. Love them already.
-They give off a strong stink; common nicknames include "skunk bear" and "nasty cat."
-they sometimes steal other animals kills: apparently one has even been observed fighting a black bear! That’s 27 pounds versus 400-500 pounds. Right on, reminds me of my late great weiner dog Gertie. So scrappy. They can even kill a moose...usually while it’s weak. Fine with me!
-They hunt when needed but are more than willing to feed on any dead or dying animal they find. Resourceful!
-cool: Their bodies can hold onto sperm for several months before letting it meet the egg... waiting until the perfect moment to be pregnant. If only.
-No natural predators. Humans aren’t natural apparently
-They're loners who like their space. I can respect that.


  1. Anonymous said...

    dear the wolverine:
    love, chloe?



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