It's huge! woah man. It can open coconuts with its pincers! (man I love that word. putting it on the list)Holy shit, I have to use a hammer and nail! It likes to steal shiny things like pots and pans. They're born in the water but after a month they head for land... and then forever lose the ability to swim or breathe under water. Wouldn't it be cool if humans spent the first year of their life under water! Instead of strollers, we'd have little aquariums on wheels.
other things wiki told me:
-They mate "quickly and frequently"
-They are scavengers and are willing to steal from one another. hah, those buggers
-They live alone in underground borrows. Another nocturnal critter
-they live 30-60 years.
-If you get pinched by one it will hurt a lot. You should tickle their belly to get them to stop.


  1. Anonymous said...

    gah! whenever i wikipedia something peculiar i always think about how they have sex. Coconut crab... how the shit does it have sex? Siamese twins... how the shit do they have sex?  

  2. highwaisted said...

    tickle their belly. ha yeah right.  


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