my nieghbourhood

I wrote this at about 12:30 last night and didn’t post.
I’m pretty sure I just saw a prostitute finish off a blow job in the front seat of a car parked on College Street. College Street! Right by Spadina. Not a surprising area, but geez, even at midnight on a Monday it is never quiet enough for a discreet in-car bj. Maybe the dude didn’t feel like having to navigate the maze of one-way side streets (where I live), or maybe the working lady wanted to stay on a main road for safety reasons. Or maybe she didn’t want to have to walk all the way back to her spot.
Maybe it wasn't a blow job at all and she was just getting a map out of the glove compartment. Located in his lap. And that still wouldn’t explain the tell tale post bj swipe of the corners of her mouth.
And just maybe she wasn't doing it for money; they could have been patrons of the perma-sleazy Savannah Room which is just steps away from the car. But I’m pretty sure I saw her in a car with another man about 2 hours earlier.
gosh I love to speculate
It was just so damn conspicuous


  1. Anonymous said...

    Totes brill. It's always that North-West corner that's the sketchiest.
    I used to live above Savannah room when it was still Oasis. Huge space. Terrifying intersection.  

  2. highwaisted said...

    ah man, you should have called me and said "come quick!"

    no pun intended  


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