well Feck

KT will be calling in a few minutes to meet up and head to le bar. I just went downstairs to move something to the fridge. In doing so I completely absentmindedly cracked open a tallboy in front of the open fridge. I had been thinking about it while sitting in the windowless computer lab all day, and I guess it just happened. hello Gladwell. dammit. Now I have to chug this tallboy on an empty stomach in the few minutes before she calls, and give off signals of a drinking problem as I explain why I already smell like beer.
oh and simply pouring the beer down the drain is SO not an option, why would you even think that.
ps. I already feel it. but isn't a buzz on an empty stomach just divine. Better when you are waiting on an order of nachos


  1. raymi lauren said...

    we always put them in the fridge and drink em later flat beer who cares still beer  


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