splendid double fortune

Went to Pacific Mall for the first time. Friend summed it up perfectly: Chinatown in a box. oh, but minus that horrible fishy-death smell, hooray. It's out in the 905s... where, I'm not sure, things get pretty fuzzy for me once highways are involved. I live steps from 'real' Chinatown, but this was fun. Pirated DVD stores a-plenty, better selection than the guys selling them on a blanket on the sidewalk. The only thing I bought was delicious bubble tea and a terrible Sweet & Sour noodle dish that made me really really sleepy.
It was embarrassing when I approached some lady in a uniform who I thought was offering free samples of walnut cakes (Korean potato stuffed donut type things. delish).. I asked where I could buy the walnut cakes, started to reach for one before I saw her look of horror and luckily stopped before things got too too humiliating. I got a good look at the container and it turns out she was holding her lunch of mystery meatballs. oh god.
Never did get the walnut cakes. I live 15 minutes from Little Korea, home to the best walnut cake shop in town, so there.
oh! I also bought a box of 'Winter Pocky'. If you only ever buy one kind of premium Pocky, make it Winter Pocky!


  1. Anonymous said...

    I would have to challenge you on the pocky statement and say that Mousse pocky is pretty gangster. Also Almond with dark chocolate pocky.

    Who can say really all pocky is pretty kick ass.  

  2. Chlo said...

    yeah, who can choose. Except that I wouldn't choose Pizza Pocky.  

  3. highwaisted said...

    i love pocky!  


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