le vic

Vic is going lovely. Enjoying spending time with heather and co. Fun rooftop sexy superhero photoshoot with katja on monday- oh hi hello.
So my yesterday my mom and I went to one of the million big box stores in what is becoming a cultural wasteland in the outskirts of Victoria. Cheap clothes though. My mom has sensitive skin and smelling-abilities; she complained about the clothes smelling like they were off-gassing and on the way home she actually developed a rash on her arms! gross!
oh GTA4 is awesome, and I want to own it. But that would also require owning a tv and a playstation. Friends who own it, be prepared to see more of me.
I am sick of course, but after exams, taken care of by the mother seems like the perfect time -if there was one- to be sick.
oh and I learned that heather's phone number makes the melody of 'Old McDonald had a farm'. neat.


  1. Katja said...

    Yay! Internet shout outs on the blog I lurk!

    I <3 you Chloe!  


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