this is real

I feel like someone buying this for their dad would probably be like when Homer bought the bowling ball for Marge- really a present for yourself. But watch out, like Marge falling in love with the french bowler (oh hilarious, was his name francois?), your dad may start wearing it to spite you but end up falling in with a fun loving upper middle class family going through life's trials and tribulations together. They'll turn to him for goofy witticisms that nonetheless hold great insight. Finally feeling like a true patriarch, your dad will eat it up and somewhere along the line you'll lose the dad you once knew. Beware the Cosby sweater as a selfishly motivated Father's Day present!


  1. Anonymous said...

    I don't know. It'll come in handy when all those "ugly sweaters" parties start cropping up around cold time. So yes, sorry dad, it's for me (to spill beer on and make out in), not you, really.  

  2. raymi lauren said...

    my dad used to wear those all the time thanks to my mom, i think they're punishment sweaters you have to wear at family functions.  

  3. kay zee said...

    His name was "Jacques" ;)

    and I really want to know how much those sweaters are going for!  


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