ugh nyahnsn[stryi.
last exam (not ever, sadly) at 9 this morning, running on 3 hours sleep and not a lot the nights before. Finished 15 minutes early, walked out and sat in the sun across the street and listened to this (give it a chance).

Smoked a much deserved joint, waited for my friend to finish and listened to this. sun soaked and high by 11:11am. lovely.

We ended up stuffing ourselves with beer and food at sneeky dees. Yum. actually don't bother with the guac and cheese omelette. Suddenly it was 4pm and we were sorta drunk, talking too loudly and crudely. I heard about this thing going on around the corner from my place- a garage sale held by the cobrasnake?!? (sort of epicentre and early player in the sceney hipster world). I was just drunk enough to suggest we go watch the people and make fools of ourselves... but when we got to the place we saw the most obnoxious ridiculous hipster uniforms standing around outside, being seen and it was all too much... had a good long belly laugh and kept on walking. we both needed to pee for the millionth time anyway.
Came home fell asleep and now I feel like shitey shite mcshiterson
oh. god. turns out it is hosted/associated/circle jerked by the band I am supposed to see tonight. I don't think this is going to happen. I think I might just watch a few episodes of The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and fall asleep in a pile of my own superiority.
I think I need to work on limiting the amount of parentheses I use.


  1. highwaisted said...

    um that sounds like the greatest day on the planet. why aren't you bring a camera with you? i am currently rolling one up, gonna walk to a garden store and get seeds for my ma and maybe even purchase that obnoxious animal collective.. hmmmm? god damn girl. be my weed buddy.  

  2. Chlo said...

    yeah lets do it!  


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