Ok how did I not know about 'Soulja Boy tell 'em' until now? I saw his music video for 'YAAH' and Crank Dat last night, and after some consideration, decided he was a 17 year old genius- It is all hilarity. And oh my god the new generation they've grown up knowing myspace and youtube and video messages and all those things that have no spaces between the words in their names. I love that his video is in the 'burbs too. Finally the masses that listen to hip hop can relate! When we watched the video (on youtube, natch) I said it sounded like he used about three tracks from a home computer music program. Apparently that's exactly what he did- using the trial version!
The whole thing blew my mind. I love the significance pot brings to things
So does everybody already know all this? Turns out he's huge eh


  1. raymi lauren said...

    watching right now!  

  2. raymi lauren said...

    yeeeeeeeeeeesh i love when black people stereotype white people (the teacher)

    that was really brutal chloe  


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