On a gorgeous wintery day, this campus just feels so collegiate! In my fantasy, a few of my school chums and I trek through the blankets of snow to one of the many grand old fireplaces, sinking into a variety of overstuffed leather chairs. Thermos’ and a silver leather-bound flask emerge and soon everyone is clasping a hot toddy. The conversation pleasantly roars along with the fire, crackling with bon mots and glowing in a warm gaiety. Bentley, DO tell us that story of your brush with malaria whilst on safari! As mugs empty and refill again, parlour games are in order. Oh! And D is on his way from Queens by train for a weekend jaunt, what a delight!
Actually he is, should be good


  1. rizabeff said...


    anyways, I know what you mean:

    oh, Claire, are you always so charming when you recount your trysts with the latin professor, ba-ha-ha-ha ha (twinkling, twittering laughter ensues while Claire blushes mildly, her confidence bolstered by the whisky as she continutes...)

    too bad it's two thousand fucking eight and the only people drinking hot toddy's are me and you and the greater population of many nursing homes  

  2. raymi lauren said...

    excuse me i tried hot toddy's last week! also, read the rug merchant, just trust me.  

  3. Chlo said...

    D is Dave. The platonic friend who could never replace you, E.
    Oh my fantasy includes long discussions of E.
    She moved out west with her handsomely aloof older Russian beau. I gather they were recently married in an intimate ceremony mere steps from the Pacific Ocean!  

  4. rizabeff said...

    wow when you put it like that I sound really amazing!  

  5. Chlo said...

    I should start a business:
    Will create romanticized statements of your life for money or an earthy Cabernet Sauvignon.
    highballs also accepted  

  6. Anonymous said...

    pretty gay, chloe. pretty gay.


  7. rizabeff said...

    eightballs also accepted  


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