Added to the list

Oh so am officially adding a new animal to my list of favorites! It is the Tapir (pictured above, duh.). They sort of look like a mix of a pig and an ant eater (both of which are favorites!), but are apparently most closely related to horses (I'll learn to get past that) and rhinos (also a favorite!).
Found mostly in SE Asia, Central and South America. Apparently that lip curl in the first picture is called The flehmen response, also called the flehmen position, flehmen reaction, flehming, or flehmening. I like that. For some reason I think you’ll like this Hed: they have Monocular vision! Here is a baby tapir- not quite fair because every baby looks cute, but still. Only the babies have stripes. They are mostly nocturnal and spend most of their waking hours lounging, grazing, mud bathing, swimming, letting fish eat parasites off of them, and more eating. Also I can relate to them: "tapirs are likely to avoid confrontation in favor of running from predators, hiding, or, if possible, submerging themselves in nearby water until a threat is gone." (wiki) And would you look at their cute feet please?
Apparently in Anime, they can eat peoples dreams.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    well you said it all  

  2. jay-cawk said...

    not to be like WHOA SPELLING POLICE but i think it is called a tapir and i only know that cause i saw one in mexico and i was sorta bothered by it in real life  

  3. Chlo said...

    OH MY GODv you are so right, I cant believe I wrote tamir. Thats like worst typo I could make in the whole post! SO embarassed.
    it was no good eh?
    but how do you feel about raccoons?  

  4. jay-cawk said...

    well the tapir just did not do anything. if i saw it fleming thing i may have a different opinion tho. raccoons are shifty things but total crazy. i saw one sit on my aunts house at christmas time one year and it was unscrewing christmas lights putting them in water and then would fish it out and put it back in the socket not really screwed it back in but placed it in nicely. i dont know i guess it thought the lights were dirty. i bet it was a virgo. now turtles on the other hand....  


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