Oh geezoh srftgnh. I'm really freaking out trying to decide my ENTIRE future FOREVER. Once I decide where to live there is no turning back and nothing can change the course.
Ok no. But dear lord that doesnt make it easier.
Stay in Toronto or move back to BC in July. for how long. doing what. when to travel. well, asap. eek.
When I am listening to M.I.A., leaving TO doesn't seem like an option.
Johnny Cash, on the other hand, makes Vic seem reasonable.
I m supposed to decide by friday!!!!


  1. jay-cawk said...
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  2. jay-cawk said...

    i say bc. but for obvious reasons. walk the line chole. walk the line.  

  3. jay-cawk said...

    i mean chloe.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    ooooh! make sure you come to montreal for a visit if you decide to go back out west. to help to motivate you, listen to 'promised land' (or the entirety of darkness on the edge of town for that matter) by bruce, aka the soundtrack to summer! i really do want you to come here pally!


  5. Chlo said...

    Jay- now Im hungry for chole masala.
    Erica- I will visit Montreal! I reaaaalllly can't wait. April or May.
    ps. I just forgot about the month of May for a moment and had a little freakout.  

  6. raymi lauren said...

    toronto cos E wont be in cougar forever right?  

  7. Heather said...

    victoria b/c i need some chloe time! AND im planning a road trip to the interior with katja and i want you to come! end of july! be there.  


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