the NERVE!

Sick. malnourished. overworked. sore. bleh. coddle me.
I came to campus and there is this girl just freaking out right now. I mean sobbing. Calling people and sobbing. Her friend is halfheartedly comforting her. This is all over a rejected final paper draft. Ok adjust your topic. I'm pretty sure she is in second year. Oh, more hugs from the friend.
I sort of want to say something. I won't, but if I did, for my own entertainment I would purse my lips and start it with "Honey listen, you are going to need to calm the fuck down ok? There's going to be alot more where that came from"Then I'd use some southern aphorism about life being a shit show that you just have to ride out. It would be my sassy older woman who's been around act.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    do it  


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