Take it easy

We are going to ride away together. Where the beer flows like wine.
Sometimes, my dad used to drive me to school on his motorcycle. I felt like hot shit carrying that helmet around, hooking on my coat hook (what the fuck are those hallrooms for coats called again??). To store the helmet, he later he added a milk crate attached by bungee cords to the back of the bike. less cool


  1. Inanimate Comic said...

    he little halls were called cloak rooms. Are you going to be in TO over new years. I should be getting in to town there around the 21st  

  2. Chlo said...

    AH! cloak rooms! thanks! that has been driving me crazy!
    I'm going to be in Vic for New Years. I leave TO on the 18th. return on the 4th. Bummer man.
    Will you still be around then?  

  3. Inanimate Comic said...

    currently Geordie, Melissa, and I are staying in a motel in Salmon Arm BC.... so no I won't still be in vic....drat  


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